An Elite Dangerous Parody song, inspired by the Fuel Rats.


On my way now to SAG A
I got my ASP all set
But there was one little problem
one thing id forget

I thought I'd plotted my route right
And everything would be cool
Then I realised I had jumped to far
And I'd run out of fuel

26k from SOL and
I was panicking hard
I couldn't really believe that
I had been such a retard

There is only one thing now
And it kills me to say
I need to call for assistance
To help me back on my way

I guess I'll have to call the fuel rats

To bring me gasoline
Its embarrassing

Really dont want to have to call the fuel rats

Such a Noob mistake
For a cmdr to make

So i called up the fuel rats
please bring me some fuel
they said I was a silly silly boy
and i should go back to pilot school

My embarrassment over
I hung my head in shame
Maybe I should go and play a slightly easier game

Shiny armor on pythons
Fuel Limpets on ice
I was a prisoner there
of my own device

But they came to the rescue
They showed me the way
Then I heard a little voice in my head, i thought I heard him say

Cant believe that I had to call the fuel rats
I am such a tool
Such an utter fool

Cant believe I had to call the fuel rats
Im a proper noob
an idiotic boob

So the moral of the story
Dont forget to refuel
Cos calling up the fuel rats
Is light years away from cool

So i arrived at Dalgarno
It was a sight to see
All of my Inquisition friends
Had turned out to laugh at me

But the worst wasn't over
Yeah it came as a shock
didn't realise I was a wanted man
when I went to dock

In a flash of lightning
The station opened up at me
I started taking a beating
On my ASP for all to see

Welcome now to the station called Dalgarno
I Was a wanted man, now my ships a can
All of my friends saw me blown up by Dalgarno
Yeah what hurts the most, is that my ship is toast...


released September 6, 2015



all rights reserved


CMDR Hugh Mann England, UK

I make some parodies based on elite dangerous and also some epic/orchestral and electronic music as well!

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