Imperia (Official Anthem Of The Imperial Inquisition)

by Dangerous Dan's Elite Orchestra

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Kristoffer Wiklund
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Kristoffer Wiklund It is a very good piece of music that fits the sense of the Empire of Elite quite well and how the Empire was imagined, as I understand it, as a future version of the Rome of the watershed time of the late Republic through to Augustan Rome.

If I was asked to describe it I would use two words, "Power" and "Dignity".

The well-timed repeats of "Imperia!" and "Nos dominare", the strings in the background and the beat of the drums creates an aire of ancient military might that I really like.


The Imperial Inquisition's Official Anthem!



quod imperium est fortis
omnia flecti voluntatem suam
Inquisitionem plenius valebit
Nos dominari! Nos Dominari

Triplum unusque erit
adunatum sub nostro dominio
omnes votum servitio
nunc et pro omni tempore
omni tempore

mortem invenies proditores
at omnes qui nunc videt
Imperia!! Imperia!!


The empire is strong
all submit to its will
the inquisition will prevail
we shall dominate all

The galaxy will be one
united under our rule
we all pledge allegiance
now and for all time

death will find the traitors
and all who do not see
the power of the empire


released August 2, 2015



all rights reserved


CMDR Hugh Mann England, UK

I make some parodies based on elite dangerous and also some epic/orchestral and electronic music as well!

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